Tata Consumer – A case study

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The best of the trades are never forced trades, they come to you & speak to you(for discretionary traders following own set of rules).

Rules help me decide entry, exit & long, short while gut helps me decide position sizing.I am yet to read on scaling up position in a scientifically/rule based manner.Till then working old style.

Now let’s come to the trade(as they say- cut to the chase).

Unusual Options Series – Hind Petro

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Hindpetro is an illiquid counter to trade in options.Below are the images of january and december option Open Interest.It’s a very small qty though.Adding into my watch-list and watching price action closely.Will remove from watch-list in 2nd week of january. Price action only can guide from here on, till the wait and watch mode is on.

Update – after development in feb series option it will be interesting to watch how the price behaves.

Importance of Environment -Trading.

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Surgeons can’t treat a person without ICU. Virat can’t practice in a gully cricket for professional tournaments.Studios and theater are needed for artists to perform.Gopichand sir’s Academy was needed for Sanina Nehwal and P V Sindhu. It is for sure that every top level performer need certain type of environment to excel/practice to maintain and improve their form.

What about Trading?

Setting up your small trading desk

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Your trading performance is reflection of your ecosystem. It’s a highly disciplined profession/ business. Come here with all the latest weapons in your arsenal. A computer, internet, good broker, trading platform, advanced support tools and a nice coffee is needed to get you going. Do more and more research about your style, read fresh work and follow the old classics will take you to an amazing journey called –Trading