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Hi friends,

I discovered icharts option tool via online searching and discussion.I found a lot of useful tools there that will help me in easing of doing my business- Options Trading.

Let me take you to that place one by one(things that i like).


A.  Historical Option charts – You can get charts of option in intra-day time frame.

Ashok leyland 90 call March 2019 expiry 60 minutes time frame

B.  Historical Option Chain – I lack skills in coding and have to rely on visual back-testing.As an option trader my eyes have been accustomed to see option chains for it’s understanding and i am sure many of traders prefer looking at option chain. But getting historical option chain is awesome for someone who wants to track and test historical data visually.You can see this here – iCharts Option -Historical Option Chain.



C. Historical Straddle chart – Straddle charts are favorite of a lot of people including me. And if you get historical data in chart format it solves a lot of your backtesting queries.

SBIN straddle of 300 strikes for expiry of 25APR2019


D. Straddle chart plus – I find this to be really useful for intraday trader also.You will love this idea of having close to ATM straddle charts along with underlying.You can see this feature here also-  iCharts Option – Straddle Charts Plus.



E. Historical strategy chart – Looking at a graphical presentation of your past trades is a good way of analyzing the robustness of the trades.Technical analysis software can tell you the graphs and your entry/exit location based failure/success of an individual security.But option strategy based chart(involving multi-leg) and it’s graphical representation makes the trader really confident.

Calendar spreads in weekly nifty options in January 2020 expiry


Thanks to the entire team of iCharts option tools for enriching the indian derivatives market with superb presentations.Hope to see a lot more innovations in future.And from the user point of view we are having a really good time to see so many robust tools/application getting into markets.

Happy Trading.


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