ITC once again – a case study

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Last time i traded ITC short was just after budget. Got good profits, but sadly then COVID happened & i realised it could have been bumper profits as all were in free fall.

(Note the chart below is till march 2020.)

ITC again showing similar data.Let’s compare it with last time.The chart below is 3 year chart for easy comparison.At it’s peak last time ITC went to ~17crore shares in OI.Current OI stands at 14.5 crore.What makes it interesting is, most of the events – Results/AGM/Media interviews have already happened and are in public domain.The conclusion is the chart below with Price and OI.

Adding 1 year chart for more clarity here – As on 15th oct ITC OI is highest since mid of march 2020(from where the big fall and covering of OI started).It will be interesting to see which way it goes this time, how it behaves in upcoming days.

Sometimes it is better to see it through then to anticipate.

Hope you find this useful. Please share your views in the comment section. It will also help me improve my analysis.

Thanks for spending your valuable time here.

Disclaimer – I am not a sebi registered Advisor/Analyst. Kindly consult your financial advisor before acting on this information.Consider this an educational post.


Happy Trading & Investing.


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