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Surgeons can’t treat a person without ICU. Virat can’t practice in a gully cricket for professional tournaments.Studios and theater are needed for artists to perform.Gopichand sir’s Academy was needed for Sanina Nehwal and P V Sindhu. It is for sure that every top level performer need certain type of environment to excel/practice to maintain and improve their form.

What about Trading?

Open your laptop/desktop.Transfer Funds.Call the broker/friend; discuss “market kya lagta hai”, take the hot tip and start trading. Thanks to the social media and various initiatives that we have been able to change this mindset among people.

Begin professionalization of your trading environment.

Recently we have seen various initiatives by fellow market participants starting co-working spaces for traders only in various cities – Mumbai,Pune,Bangalore,Kolkata. I am really glad market participants are really thinking about it.

The question arises why should i pay for co-working space for trading – for free fast internet and couple of coffee/tea….. No way.Wait till you have conversation with the users.I recently had a chat with couple of such users,some of the benefits they shared are really small but adds a lot of value.

  • I reach before market opens and see market opening, which wasn’t possible at home.
  • My set-up is on,my home-work is done and i am ready with my trade locations and execution plan.
  • While trading there’s peace of mind – No disturbance from outside environment.Trading from his own office wasn’t productive due to visitors.
  • One professional player meets another one – 1 aur 1 = 11 hote hain. Professionals share psychology and what not to do.To me that is one of the biggest take away in trading and exploring new methods,which google can’t tell you ever.
  • Other facilities are always an add-on. Software lab, Library, Group meet, professional coaches, last but not the least- chai-naasta.

Trading is a lonely profession.Even if you avail the environment, profit is not guaranteed.However the professionalization of your trading career begins there.

If you’re looking out for such places, here’s a small list in different cities-

Pune – Traders nest by Definedge team.(TN)

Bangalore – Traderscafe by Marketcalls team.(TC)

Kolkata – Stockden by Kredent team.(SD)

Explore them, take benefit if it suits you.(There are many such initiatives in and around your city, the list is not a complete list).

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  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. You are truly said that a surgeon can not operate without a ops theatre or ICU. Job of a professional trader is not from 9 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m. his job is aftermarket analysing the charts whatsoever. During market hours job is to just watch is levels and execute the trade. Yeah of course if he’s a purely intraday trader then this kind of status is full but if the person is working on saying order holding trade then his main job is to just analyse the chart and maintenance level during the day time that’s all. Examples like I am looking for a long setup in SBI ok so on Friday analyse that if SBI goes above 340 I’ll go long with stop at 335 for the target of 349 so during the day my job is to put the buy order once is cross 340 and put a sl order at 335.for this kind of job I don’t think there is a need of working space for the trader if obviously a day trader need this some kind of thing

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      You’re absolutely right in this.Some people are self motivated and some are product of environment.Knowing oneself is the true goal.I would re-iterate another point – 1 aur 1 = 11 ho sakte hain, if we meet someone who can improve our thought process.And the probability to find those guys here is high. Also given the flexibility among these places one can opt for customized solutions that doesn’t pinch a lot on your overall PnL. Ek try to banta hai for serious players.

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  2. trading is a lonely job and it has to remain such for you to make progress. all surgeons will operate a patient the same way but when it comes to trading, ones method is different compared to somebody else and here its important to stick to your way of trading rather than go after somebody elses way of trading. so such places are strict NO NO. Organisations do all these gimmicks to make money. please do not fall for these. you need to stick to your way of trading to make money. Also trading is not a crowd sourcing method that you discuss your method with others , get consensus and then trade. you need to be different from the herd and such places go against the very basic principle of being different from the herd

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      Agree with you partially.If you’re a PRO trader and have everything sorted out in your process, these are not the place you’ll be going. If i am a beginner or having aspirations of getting my process easier, these places might give you answers that google can’t.So giving it a shot doesn’t harm and one will learn his comfort about the environment.To each their own.
      Happy Trading

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