Hindunilvr – A case study

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How HUL came into watchlist – something unique developed in Open interest.

Let’s dig further into Price Action- reversal  from 200 EMA and retest of breakdown.

Digging deeper – 1800 puts are fairly OTM ,fairly liquid and decent OI, still showing good IVs of 34% vs 28% across all puts. It could be a one off day phenomena that will be confirmed later.


Based on these HUL will be in my watchlist for the month and price action will guide me to act further.Remember HUL comes with results and dividend in the month of october.


Disclaimer – I am not sebi registered. Consult your financial advisor. F&O are complex financial products, use them carefully.Consider this an educational post.

Many thanks to –

Tradingview – charts.

Option chain – MyFno.

Idea generation – Tweet by Siddarth Bhamre on HUL.


Thanks a lot. Feedback is welcome.

Happy Trading & Investing


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