Filter stocks with MyFnO – Strength/Weakness – Part 2

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One of my exercises every month is to find what happened in the overall month in F&O space. So i goto MyFnO and check the Advance/Decline page with monthly interval. It makes it easier to analyse market and  sometimes gives you medium to long term trades/views.

Let me show you how – advance decline

In the picture above you can see the performance of various stocks over last 1 month. I have highlighted 3 names. They have underperformed the markets for the month and belong to the similar industry. For me they will be in my under-performer watchlist, unless the break their recent highs.

Let us observe the sectoral charts side by side to have a clearer picture.

Observing the charts Max financial services is clear out-performer in the insurance space. So if i had to choose insurance sector for my portfolio, i would go/switch to MFSL.

Now let’s go little backward and see how was this Advance/Decline Page in MARCH 2020.

March 2020 Advance/decline page– you’ll find couple of Pharma names outperforming others which went on to create serious wealth over very short period of time. You may see my old article here-(march-2020-a-month-to-remember-for-a-long-time)

Here’s the chart –

To me it helps a lot in finding broader view in a particular sector.

Hope you find this useful. Please share your views in the comment section. It will also help me improve my analysis.

Thanks for spending your valuable time here.

Disclaimer – I am not a sebi registered advisor. Kindly consult your financial advisor before acting on this information.Consider this an educational post.


Happy Trading & Investing.


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