ITC once again – a case study

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As on 15th oct ITC OI is highest since mid of march 2020(from where the big fall and covering of OI started).It will be interesting to see which way it goes this time, how it behaves in upcoming days.

Sometimes it is better to see it through then to anticipate.

Looking through Events,Case Study- Yes bank

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“There are people who would love have your bad days” – Not intentionally though.Option traders are one such small breed. If any stock (in FnO universe) is having bad time ,Options trading activity Pick Up heavily & the same happened with yes bank too.Options volume and Open Interest rose heavily in last 2-3 months compared to its past.This post is about Volatility w.r.t Events/Announcements.

Smoking Derivatives

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Smoking is injurious to health & Tobacco is a favorite line item in every budget speech. Every FM will raise tax/cut length of the cigarette or use other innovative methods. Derivatives are considered to be risky/unsafe by the regulators and are always favorite in the line to get a slap just like cigarettes.