ITC once again – a case study

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As on 15th oct ITC OI is highest since mid of march 2020(from where the big fall and covering of OI started).It will be interesting to see which way it goes this time, how it behaves in upcoming days.

Sometimes it is better to see it through then to anticipate.

Tata Consumer – A case study

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The best of the trades are never forced trades, they come to you & speak to you(for discretionary traders following own set of rules).

Rules help me decide entry, exit & long, short while gut helps me decide position sizing.I am yet to read on scaling up position in a scientifically/rule based manner.Till then working old style.

Now let’s come to the trade(as they say- cut to the chase).

Hindunilvr – A case study

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We found something for our watchlist for the month of october 2020. Combination of Price action, Futures OI & Option action are there in result month.Hopefully it adds value to your work.

Bharti Airtel – A case study

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Telecom stocks have been in news a lot.

Supreme Court Case
Tariff Hike
Investments in Jio Platforms
Speculation in Future business model of IDEA
I am going to write on 3 actions in markets related to Bharti Airtel.

Filter stocks with MyFnO – Strength/Weakness

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What’s important for a trader? Find strength/weakness in markets – as always. Days like these are really important to filter stocks. There are various methods to check strength in a stock. Today i’ll touch upon 1 more way –  find stock options where the underlying was negative but the Call option closed in positive. Further you may create other combinations also.